15 Aug 2007

Philip & Kyoko's Wedding - 12th Aug '07 - Clearwell Castle

Philip & Kyoko are a great couple with such a romantic story of how they met as pen pals. Philip too was one of my clients who took time out to see how we were coping during the recent flooding (very kind).

With their wedding being a merger of cultures we had both traditional British Wedding dress followed by Japanese Kimono's for the evening - how cool!


This is one of my fav photos from this wedding. Kyoko was watching guests arrive so I just snapped away. It's great when a bride is ready in good time and has chance to relax and contemplate the events coming up.

Kyoko didn't stop laughing all day.

A quick, well 30min, change into traditional Japanese Kimono. Dad kept the instruction manual to hand which I can't blame him. These outfits are VERY complicated to tie correctly.

Flip flops & socks?! They were special socks may I add though; with a bit cut out between your toes - very clever.

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