9 Feb 2008

The Pitchford's - Portrait Session 9th Feb '08

So here we are with part two from my three session weekend.

An absolute corker of a day... I didn't even need a jacket and it's Feb? Has global warming hit Cheltenham? I like it? More 4x4's & spray deodorant please (just kidding).

Anyway, here are a few of the photos from our fun outdoor session today. I even got to play in the kids den... how cool am I?


I c0uld have spent all day taking photos in this little den (as the kids called it). The light was amazing and it was clearly a favourite place to play & hang out.

Wacking a fence with a stick - ohh how simple life is when you're a kid. If only such pleasures translated to adults..... why do we have mortgages & stuff to think about, it's so not fair?

This is a cute picture. I can imagine I'd look at Daisy similarly when she's older. Sweet.
In fact I probably already do now, I just don't take photos of myself doing so!?!?!

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