18 Jun 2011

Cheltenham Wedding Photographer

This week I was a Wedding Photographer on my home turf in Cheltenham.  Well, I say wedding photographer but in this instance I didn't actually witness the wedding ceremony itself, nor meet any guests. It was in fact just a couple portrait session.  I often shoot documentary wedding photography, but today this wasn't going to be the case.

Michel and Nicole got married in the registry office in Cheltenham, then planned to dine with a few guests in the evening at The Montpellier Chapter.

I was drafted in to take some beautiful couple photos to remember the day and show friends and relatives who live overseas.

Having a couple of hours to take photos, (rather than a few minutes) is quite a difference to your typical wedding day photo shoot.  We had plenty of opportunities to explore Cheltenham, shoot inside and out, plus nail some great veil shots.

It has to be said, taking photos of Nicole wasn't exactly hard - how beautiful?  Is it the Ozzie genes?  

I love this shot above.  Possibly one of my favourites from the indoor photos.

First dance.  Well strictly speaking there wasn't a first dance, so something impromptu in the hall way of Montpellier Chapter will suffice!

A couple of natural light indoor portraits.

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Swoosh!  More wedding veil photos.

Shooting into pools of moving light isn't easy, but I got it after a few attempts.  I do like this, but it's taking time to grow on me.

It was nice to include some of the regency architecture from around Cheltenham into the photo shoot.  Certainly worked well with Michael's military uniform.

If you are looking for a Cheltenham Wedding Photographer, please contact me for a chat.  I also photograph weddings where a ceremony is involved too ;-)

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  1. Thank you for doing a great job for Nikki and Michael. Us Aussies are sad we couldn't be there - but knew she would look amazing as always :)


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