13 Apr 2008

Mr freckle and the Polaroid

It was muddy out today on my bike - can you tell? I'm thinking freckles could work for me....

Time for some photoshop hokey dokey - looks like a Polaroid huh... WOW! Remember them - brilliant cameras.

I didn't actually have one, instead I used my mums little Instamatic thing as a kid. I was only joking last week about those flash cubes you mounted on the top, each with 4 shots. You had to be so sparing in your usage it was untrue. "Is this photo opportunity 'really' worth using one?" I was always asking myself?

Here's the little puppy; cheers Google images, what would I do without you?

Right, I'm off to look through some old photos now as it's made me all nostalgic.

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