8 Sep 2011

Wedding photos Stone Barn, Aldwsorth

Sit down, get a cuppa and enjoy a few wedding photos from Stone Barn, Aldsworth

September 3rd - simply the best date to get married (or am I slightly bias, seeing as it's my wedding anniversary?)  Colin and Kim planned their wedding at the recently opened wedding venue Stone Barn, Aldsworth, which is owned by the same team as Cripps Barn nearby in Cirencester.

To have an easy going couple, with great friends always makes for a brilliant wedding day atmosphere and this was one of them.  Wedding details were apparent everywhere, from my first call at Kims parents home near Swindon, to the wedding cake (which was made by one of their friends).

I hope Colin & Kim enjoy their honeymoon in Singapore & Bali, weirdly the exact same destination Ali & I went for our honeymoon too....spooky.

There's always one.  Note for all: put on perfume before dress.

So this (above) is your standard dress going on shot.

Next we have the birds eye view.  Only on your wedding day would you let a close friend fondle about under your dress!

Love the eyes.......fab huh?

Inside Aldsworth Stone Barn set ready for the wedding ceremony.

Cute.  No where near the bride and groom....but good effort and totally impromptu.

Wedding group shots.  Yep.....I do 'em.....and sometimes I even have the blokes hold the flowers :-)  Ahh okay, this was the bridesmaids idea, but it entertained me.

With 500mph winds around the Stone Barn, finding a 'non windy' spot for some couple portraits wasn't exactly easy.  Suffice to say, just about one spot (and one spot only) was suitable, so we took a few shots and planned to get some more later when the wind would die down (and we'd have a more interesting sky).  All this was decided with my fingers firmly crossed.

Ahh look, another group shot - I know, two in one blog post, madness hey!

Inside ready for the wedding breakfast at the Stone Barn. Aldsworth.  

Kim had a fantastic sweetie bar at her wedding.  A brilliant variety of old fashioned sweets, plus a fabulous assortment of jars to display them.

Don't stop now, we're just getting warmed up - click READ MORE on the left hand side to continue.

This may need some explaining.   Frank (the guy playing the Sax) was just fantastic.....a real entertainer, and played a couple of 'numbers' as guest sat prior to the speeches.  Not only was this great fun, but it relaxed guests before the speeches and made for a super atmosphere.  If you're looking for a wedding singer/entertainer/musician/DJ, certainly give him a call.  www.frankabramsmusic.com 

In fact, if I haven't made this clear enough.....put it this way.  Over the past few years I've been to a lot of weddngs and this was the first time I thought WOW, this guy adds real value to the day.

Dutch courage.

Brilliant.....what a cool idea, presented from the father of the bride.

Whilst everyone was eating, great light fell across Aldsworth Stone Barn....why is this always the case?

Later the wind did indeed calm down AND the 'interesting' sky I'd hoped would materialise, well.... did!

Kim's wedding cake was made by a family friend - a builder no less.  Amazingly he took a cake decorating class/course then produced this stunning number.

For other weddings at Cripps Stone Barn please see my website.


  1. Lovely photos - love the one of them in the lane with the 'interesting' sky! I think we missed you by 5mins by the time we got to the reception! :)

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! They just look so happy together :)


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