11 Mar 2012

Winter Wedding Photographer in Tetbury

It's interesting to find out why clients choose a wedding photographer and speaking with Purusha she informed me she searched for "winter wedding photographer in Tetbury".  Why 'winter' I asked?  Well apparently "it's a fine skill to be a winter wedding photographer" compared to just taking snaps at those summer weddings ;-)  or so I was informed.

Now whilst I say that slightly tongue in cheek, it is actually somewhat true.  Winter weddings are definitely full of different challenges to summer ones.  You have a very different quality of light, you have shorter days and the opportunity to drink champagne on the lawn doesn't often materialise.  It's not the latter that concerns me so, it's the quality of light and the requirement to look for good light.  (and no....I don't mean turn the light switch on.....I'm a photographer and I'm getting all arty here - just go with it!)

Seeing light is an art in itself, let alone concerning ones self with all the buttons on a camera.  In fact I'll often tell clients what you pay a good quality professional photographer for is not an album, not pretty packaging, but for the use of their eyes for the duration of your wedding.  Simply put, I see stuff that most people don't....and can't!  Call it documentary wedding photography, observational wedding photography, reportage or whatever....it doesn't need a label, the images should hopefully speak for themselves and if they resonate with you then I'm the right photographer for you - werd!

James & Purusha got married near Tetbury, Wiltshire in a village called Sherston at the Church of Holy Cross.  Do I need to tell you it was a cracking day weather wise?  Yep....blue sky, slight threat of a shower (my perfect combo for a lively wedding day) and a reasonable degree of warmth for a March wedding date.

The boys started early with a pub lunch at the Rattlebone Inn......once they'd got through the long 'to do' list.

I'd be smiling if I were the groom too - he got off lightly 'just getting married'.  The others had more to do than a day in the office.

Meanwhile the ladies (who I'd assumed would be pampering themselves) were sorting out last minute details in the weding marquee....and the slightly more concerning issue of power faliure :-( 

Every wedding needs cute bridesmaids & paige boys huh?  Cue these two.

Okay........the electrician is on site....now get some make-up on.

There's more round the corner folks - to keep on reading click 'READ MORE' on the left hand side.

Ta na....as if none of the mornings problems had ever existed!

Love this photo - maybe the size is too small to see but if I said "Rescue Remedy" you'd probably work it out!

Ahhhhh....cute huh, dad filming them walking in......

.....mum & dad praising them for looking cute.....

......ohh hang on that's not in the script!


I know - three shots is overkill on the blog post but these few made such a great sequence. 



In fact I believe tears also followed (ahh well, that'll be in the gallery over on FB).  Go on....you know you want to see. Here's the link, get and like the page too whilst you're there! Mattdavisphoto (imaginative name on FB huh?)

I really like this photo.  Simple, but strong in emotion.  FWIW it's the inclusion of that string that makes me smile most though.

Purusha had a fantastic wedding marquee set up in their garden.  Well I say garden, it may have encroached slightly on the estate, but hey, it is a special occasion.

Is that not the cooooooooolest wedding hat you have ever seen?  I hope you appreciate my placement of it as if it were a flying saucer cruising though space!

I don't really think of myself as a wedding photographer that takes a lot of detail photos.....but I tell you what, this one is outa the top drawer.  Golden light, a Bentley wedding car - ohh that must be the wedding dream.

Did I mention being a winter wedding photographer means looking for good light - well folks.....that there is good light.

James needed a little moral support from Purusha to get through his speech.

And what nicer way than to finish this winter wedding day with a cosy cuddle at the back of your wedding reception.

So the question is......does a winter wedding photographer have a tougher job than on a summer day?  I'll leave you to decide.

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  1. I do love the way you see the scenes. I can't stand posed shots and you do an excellent job of catching the mood of the moment. Beautiful work!


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