3 Jun 2012

Wedding at Kingscote Barn

Summer has finally arrived and what a scorcher last Saturday's wedding at Kingscote Barn was.  I'm sure I go on about it too much, but wow, harsh midday light certainly makes life for a photographer ten times harder.   Thankfully we found some shade (and shelter from the wind) in amongst the trees at Kingscote to grab a few couple portraits and complete a swift set of group shots.

Just one sneaky pic on the blog as I'm moving cyber space shortly, so if you wish to see more check out the FB page for updates, and keep your eyes pealed for my new website and wedding blog coming soon (edited to add: it's here now - yay).

Ashley & Sally - Kingscote Barn - May 2012


  1. Congratulation to the newly announced couple. I am so happy for the both of them. I like the photo.

  2. Beautiful Photo! Best wishes to the new couple! May you happy forever!

  3. Lovely couple..:D
    Congratulations to the both of you. Best wishes!!


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