10 Aug 2011

Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire Wedding

Morgan and Briony - Gloucestershire wedding at Kingscote Barn.

Watching the weather on the run up to a wedding day becomes a brides obsession.  For Briony, having had a week of perfect summer sunshine, to see her mid week wedding forecast as heavy rain came as a surprise....and one she didn't want!    It's safe to say though, as per many BBC weather predictions, it wasn't exactly very accurate more than 12 hrs before the event itself.

All was not lost and despite a wet start the day turned out great.  So next time you worry about the weather, only start to seriously have concerns if it's forecast to rain ALL day ON THE DAY.

Something VERY funny was said, but I'm afraid unless you know the bride then it's not repeatable on my blog.  But do ask, made me laugh....if not with a slight awkwardness!  

If one bridesmaids not enough, get two or three to help with your wedding dress.

Apparently they could see the groom.

Although the day started wet, it did dry up, just not for the short commute between the bridal preps and main barn.

This is a first for me - not one person walking you down the isle - but two?

Check out HIS camera - cool huh?  I think you'll find that's the Kidizoom plus....which is currently Daisy's training camera before she qualifies as my photographers assistant.

Inside Kingscote Barn - seatnig for around 80 wedding guests.

Wedding details with a purple love theme.

Top table laid for the wedding breakfast.  Using the isle seats (that had wedding flowers on) for the top table is a neat idea.

Whilst the wedding guests enjoyed their meal (and of course the light was fantastic) I nipped out to get a couple of photos.  Above is the view from Kingscote Barn, and below the view back across the valley to Kingscote Barn.

To appreciate the picture beneath, you need the photo above.  This little man had hours of entertainment rolling around the lawn in this tent.

I'm liking this tattoo....also note: much dirtier wedding dress than when the day started ;-)

Golden corn fields definitely work well for a wedding portrait backdrop.  Thankfully the farmer at Kingscote Barn hadn't yet harvested this!

Is this not the funniest photo EVER?  I will confess too, this is entirely luck rather than judgement......could the DJ's laser beam have landed in a better place if it tried - classic!

As an aside note: if you are having a DJ with laser beams (which I'm not too sure why they have them?) be forewarned your first dance photos will indeed look as though you are covered in red spots, of which no photoshopping is gonna redeem!

If you've enjoyed these photos, if you are looking for a Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer, then please get in touch.  I regularly work at Kingscote Barn, and have several examples of weddings from this venue on my website www.mattdavisphotography.co.uk

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