25 Oct 2011

Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer at Kingscote Barn

A few photos form the Stuart & Jodie's Gloucestershire Wedding at Kingscote Barn.  Yet again another great October wedding with fine weather more akin to summer....and certainly warmer than my recent week away in Scotland!

So why do I like this photo?  Well.....sometimes you have to be there (or look very closely at the details).   At this point we were admiring Jodie's calender and stopped on the page of Stuart (cross dressing).....to which Jodie added "that's my boy!"  I found out later, dressing is definitely one of Stuart's fortes. 

Most people use the little mirror to look into, and the big mirror to see the back of their head - ohh no, not Jodie :-)

St George's Church, Kings Stanley - but you'll probably gather that from the photo below.  It has these fantastic trees, shaped like mushrooms, lining the path leading up to the church.

Jodie was played into the church by a Scottish Piper.

I've included three photos here of Gran, simply because one didn't do it justice.  What a great lady, really expressive and clearly happy to see her family.

It wouldn't be a Scottish wedding without Kilts and Hip flasks.

The wedding guests left the church first on a coach so were ready and waiting as the married couple arrived at Kingscote Barn fro their wedding reception.

Red Card....and Jodie hadn't even seen Stuart's stag doo mankini at this point!

The faces say it all :-)

If these photos at Kingscote Barn appeal to you or you are looking for a Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer, please contact me for a chat.

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  1. That was an awesome wedding, Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds. I love those pics, especially the bride's gown.


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