31 Oct 2011

North Scotland landscape photography

Landscape photography isn't really my bag, but after my second trip to Scotland, I'm beginning to rather like it.  The Scottish highlands have become the annual trip for me and a few fellow professional photographer friends.....and this year we hit the far North.

Day one was spent in the somewhat exposed Rua Reidh Lighthouse on the west coast....with 75mph gusting winds it certainly whipped up a storm.  Following a nights stay in the hostel there we then headed up to Durness (the most Northerly place on the UK mainland) for some serious costal walks including an unintentional dip in the sea by one of our fellow photographers - with camera and iphone too :-(

All up it was a great week, (with typically bad scottish weather)....but this did mean plenty of rainbows, some seriously stormy seas, moody skies and a full on test for my waterproof gear!

Rua Reidh lighthouse

1 comment:

  1. Cracking images. I can see why you are getting the lanscape bug



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