22 Dec 2011

Wiltshire wedding photographer

It's not often I'm out of my county, but last weekend I played a split role: starting the day as a Wiltshire wedding photographer for the church ceremony, then straight back into Gloucestershire for the wedding reception at Kingscote Barn.

Emma & Ben both have military backgrounds so it was inevitable the wedding would have a military undertone.....and for once, for the ushers wearing a think wool suit, it was a good thing.

The day started at Emma's 'beautiful' house in Kington St. Michael, with a fun bunch of girls on hand for  entertainment (or bridesmaids duties as I believe it should be called).   Bridal preps were a whirl wind of activity, yet amazingly calm.  It was then time to move onto the Church in the local parish church.

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I stumbled across my favourite wedding double act this morning too....... :-)

On 'making a bride look beautiful' we have Clare Bryce aka (www.purepampering.co.uk) and on 'hair quaffing' the talented iphone snapper (and wedding hair stylist) Mr Chris Fordham (www.fhdmobile.co.uk)

A blue garter, provided by the bridesmaids as a gift to Emma.

I love this photo.  The excitement of getting into a wedding dress is a big part of the wedding day for most brides.......and equally as exciting for the bridesmaids :-)

Yep, those are instruction on 'how to put on a wedding dress'.  I didn't recall the part about scissors.....just make sure you cut the right bit - no one needs a wardrobe malfunction as you walk down the aisle.  

The house was pretty warm with the central heating blasting out and a room full of hot bods (ohh err), so Emma's school friend took some 'time out' in the big chill.  Handily the front door had a window to peak back in on the action!  

I'd not seen one of this before. It's a sizing guide based on Emma's latest dress fitting.  In simple terms, a bit of card with a pencil line drawn on it to show how tight to pull the string bits up.  Can you tell I'm a bloke?  I'm sure there is a proper term for them!?  Ribbons?  Laces?  

Kington St. Michael church.

I was only allowed to take photos from the back in this church but it does make this shot a great moment!

I love photos that have a timeless quality about them.  This could have easily been taken in 1911.......although maybe not with a digital SLR!

Great expressions on the faces of these guys forming the wedding Guard Of Honour.

...and this is the view from the other side of the Guard of Honour.  I like to work fast at weddings, as moments like this are over very quickly.  Seeing this shot from the couples perspective makes for a fantastic wedding photo....possibly one of my favourite from the day.

A winter wedding reception at the Kingscote Barn.

It had to be.......winter weddings pretty much always include a snowflake or christmas theme for the details.  It's not many couples who have a friend knit them 40 or so 'mini stockings' though........a good will gesture which I'm sure was appreciated.......although maybe not by the time she was on the 20th one!

Warm for a December wedding?  Emma was oblivious to the 5 degree temperatures!

And the funny face award goes to.... :-)


I like guest photos taken during the wedding reception.......I took loads on this occasion, but here are just a few.

Cutting a wedding cake with a sword isn't exactly easy :-)

If you're looking for a wedding photographer for Kingscote Barn please drop me a line.  Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

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  1. As always you have taken some AMAZING photos Mr. Davis! (Hope I don't sound rude but my website is www.fhdmobile.co.uk ! :)Hope you've had a great Xmas!


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