2 Jul 2007

A rest from weddings - some family time.

When you take photos for a living it's sometimes hard to remember to actually take shots of your own family. So this weekend (June ish sometime) I arranged to see my parents and had my sister pop round with her family too. I'm lucky to have parents with a superb large garden and we got a break in the rainy wether to go out and play with the children (my daughter & niecees - is that how you spell it?) Here's a few of my favs from the day.

My sister wanted a family portrait for her recent birthday present and luckily for her, little brother Matt happened to have his camera to hand. Here's THE shot where they were all finally happy with how they looked! If I thought customers could be particular, family can be even more so!

If going forwards isn't enough fun, try backwards - that's EVEN better!

Niece no. 2 - neither of them camera shy hey!

Finally a photo of my little family of Davis'. It's just about impossible as a photographer to be happy with a photo someone else takes - Dad did a pretty good job though to be fair! We do look kinda like that, NOT quite Brad and Jolie, but hey!

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