4 Jul 2007

Praise is always well received.

Today I had a lovely e-mail from a recent bride (Claire), with complementary words about her wedding photos. Not wanting to 'big myself up' too much i'll let Claire's words do the talking.

"Thanks for sending us the CD of photos - they're amazing! We've shown lots of our family members and friends and they are very impressed! You were certainly a big hit on the day - thanks for coming back for the evening, some of the night shots are great and some very funny!"

.......... and the bit that made me laugh the most.

"We've had some great feedback about you - some of the guys thought you looked like Christopher Eccelston when he was Dr Who - haha!"

Now clearly I don't watch enough TV, and certainly not Dr Who, but a quick google search found me hanging out with Jo Wiley... how apt since it's her birthday today too (happy birthday Jo). So here we are together.

And the real me........

Clearly this blog has now gone very off topic, but hey, don't Jo and I make a great couple!

If you'd like to see any of Claires beautiful wedding photos just see the blogs beneath.

1 comment:

  1. You just have to much happiness in your photographs!


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