2 Jul 2007

Shelley & Ian's Wedding - 16th June '07 - Little Rissington / Wick Hill House

It initially looked as if we were gonna have a wet wedding here, but yet again, my luck remained strong and only a small threat of a few spots actually occured. The day was a success and despite only being allowed limited photography in the church the couple had a great set of shots.

So for those of you who may be interested, this is actually my favourite shot from the wedding. It's one of those quick grab moments that just works in photography. Without going into great detail it's the ladies white hat against the dark background and the guys dark hair against the light background that make it. It's just a simple shot, that sings in b&w - I hope you like it too.

And finally for those of you who may not know, I hadn't realised (until the week before) that my sister-in-law was actually attending this same wedding too. Here she is in all her splender on the right (as you see it). Yes the photo above, NOT below! LOL.

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