7 May 2011

Lightning strike Cheltenham

Humid temperatures have produced some mean weather tonight and for the first time ever I attempted to take a photo of lightening striking.  

Shot from my bedroom this was the only shot, (out of 70) which was timed correctly to capture a flash.  I now know what I need for next time:
1) my tripod ready to hand, rather than faffing around getting it out the car then having to find the adaptor somewhere else in a bag in the cupboard
2) a memory card actually in my camera ready
3) a battery that wasn't just about to go flat
4) a clean lens and 
5) a ND filter (that's a really boring thing the average reader of my blog really doesn't need to know!) 

So, I'm off to Silicon Valley now, where I believe all the tornado chasers hang out, to get some cool shots of stormy weather :-)

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