8 Oct 2007

Monday is Daisy Day.

With regularly working weekends I always have Monday off to hang with Daisy. With mummy at work, we decided to have fun in the park with the autumn leaves! It's not easy to take photos and keep an eye on a very nimble toddler, but with a little juggling I got my few shots. She couldn't believe her luck to find so many leaves; "just how do I pick them all up daddy?"

My evening was a working one though with post processing last weeks wedding. My trusty helper Freddie found a perfect spot to ensure he was cuddled whilst I worked!

Ohh just found these couple of sweet photos of Daisy - although I am bias hey!

This was a trip to the park with Mummy last weekend, but as all parents know, you can't get enough swing time... both kids & adults - hey Ali?!?

Probably the closest I'll get to riding a motorbike! Clearly this one isn't designed for people with long gangly legs!

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