20 Sep 2007

Pop cornflour on the shopping list - we're fresh out!

With a wedding coming up tomorrow I decided to test out the new lens I bought this week; it's best I check it works first hey! For anyone interested it's an EF24 f1.4 L, this is lens porn to any good photographer, but "whatever" to anyone else!

So for those who care more about the photos it takes, than it's credentials, here's a few samples. Daisy and I started in the garden, then whilst I uploaded the photos, mum was left in charge. Ummm...... say no more. Sitting on the sofa, only 10ft away, Daisy surreptitiously
emptied the kitchen cupboard of cornflour - ohh what fun!


Back in Cheltenham we've got a little bit of sand, but the beach was better I think.

Mummy hasn't seen this photo yet but I'm guessing she's gonna love it. Ohh how innocent Daisy can appear, but what's beneath that thin veneer?

"Ahh cornflour, I'll empty this all over the kitchen floor & myself"

For anyone who knows Daisy, what's great about this photo are the two bunnies (she loves) who are also enjoying some Daisy time rolling in cornflour (PS - she has two in case she loses one).

"Whoops, what have I done?"

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