12 Jan 2008

Wedding awards 2007

With weddings taking up a fair part of my working life, I thought it fair to give something back - so here are the 2007 wedding awards as decided by...... well, me!

Thanks to all my fine clients of 2007, here's hoping 2008 will be equally as 'engaging'!

Favourite dress

I'd best qualify this with 'MY' fav wedding dress! It has to be strapless & simple for my taste, so that's why Holly's dress was a winner.

Funniest best mans speech

This guy was stunning. I do have the privilege of hearing some great speeches but this was 11/10. Check out the audience below - whipped into a frenzy of laughter & applause!

Best looking cake

This cake above was beautiful & also tasted great, so has to be top.

Wettest wedding

Yet another title held by Lucy & John! I loved the fact these guys were just taking it all in their stride, yet all the poor ladies were wearing summer outfits & strappy shoes.

Latest Bride

22 mins late Krista, in case you were wondering! ha ha! Mind you, each time I met you, you were late so it wasn't unexpected.

Hottest Wedding

The lens flare (that blob on his head for those not knowing what i mean!) and blue sky say it all! Well, that and the fact I remember trying to take photos from in the shade as I was so damn hot myself!

Most photogenic bride

I could have taken photos of Claire all day long, and in fact went back to their wedding in the evening as it was such fun. She's the sweetest bride, naturally beautiful and soooooo relaxed in front of a camera.

But.............. very closely followed by Maria who was so super cool on her wedding day that she makes it into two catagories also clinching Most relaxed bride

I love this photo it's just effortless which is why Maria was so great in front of the camera.

Most photogenic groom

Can I have two in this category? Olly above was very chilled & easy to shoot, whereas Wesley (below) was having such a laugh all day he too was a breeze to photograph.

Smiliest Bride

Hands down the clear winner here was Erica....

She did also pull the funniest face too.....

Best details

Perhaps I'm biased, as I am partial to ice cream, but Gemma & Jonathan's ice cream selection at the Verzon was a neat idea.... and very well received on a hot day.

Most romantic engagement story

We all know this one, and I just can't stop telling all my new clients too. Phillip & Kyoko, who met as pen pals when Phillip wanted to learn Japanese.... it puts the rest of us to shame. Especially me, with a story of drunken chat up lines down the pub to woo my fair lady!

Most emotional moment

This is actually my serious category as i'm quite soft centered when it comes to emotional stuff. John's dad wasn't at their wedding having passed away prior and it's always tough for any couples when this is the scenario, let alone bringing it up in your speech. Very touching.

Favourite group shot

Say no more.... it's just fun and a group.

Wedding with the least posed shots

It has to be Kate's wedding with barely two, one of which 'backfired' - literally. Never trust a confetti cannon 'thing'! Check out the guy below in the background - love his expression.

Cutest kiddie

What a munchkin!

Favourite photo

Ohh wowzers, this is REALLY difficult. Having produced nearly 8,000 photos this year, choosing just one is impossible. So here's a FEW of my favs, although it changes daily!


  1. Matt - what great photos! The category you have missed, obviously, is Top Photographer - thanks for immortalising our day so beautifully.

    Kate-the-Unposed Bride

    PS hows about a bridesmaid category?? Mine were stars, of course.... kx

  2. Hey Matt,

    Great to see that mine and Lucy's wedding made the cut in a few of your categories..... especially the "Wettest Wedding Since Time Began"!

    Little did you know beforehand but Lucy and I had actually planned to give you the most testing of assignments and on the day you absolutely rose to the challenge and produced a whole crop of exceptional shots that we are thrilled with.

    I agree with Kate (the unposed!) with the bridesmaid category and would add a further category for the most glamorous bridesmaid dress/wellies combo! Step up Lucy's sister.....

    Thanks for helping to make it a great day! (against all odds!)

    John & Lucy Hutch


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