13 Mar 2008

Race Week - Oh my goodness, it's windy!

For anyone who doesn't follow horse racing, this week is a big event in Cheltenham as we host the Gold Cup. However, due to a little bit of wind, yesterday was canceled, pushing the racing back to the 3 day event it used to be.

I personally don't have an interest in horse racing and unashamedly haven't even attended Gold Cup, despite living in Cheltenham for ten years. I did however go out in these EXTREME conditions yesterday to see what all the fuss was about. Windy, gale force, tents taking off - what? Get real... it wasn't that bad!

Anyway, my point was, what an earth happens in the UK when we get the slightest bit of adverse weather - what's with the BBC weather warnings all the time? OK, so someones roof tile blew off in B'Ham. Big deal! Come on..... we hardly live in hurricane alley? Maybe then we'd have something to report about.

Well, that's my venting about the weather out the way, now onto more important things... a photo - yeah. Cause let's be honest, words really aren't my forte.

Here's the latests addition to project sky - taken on the 'REALLY WINDY DAY' - phew, luckily I wasn't blown away whilst taking it - ha.

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