19 Aug 2008

Photographing a friends wedding

Last weekend I attended my friends (Alec & Victoria's) wedding in London. This time I was a guest, rather than the photographer, which to be honest is something of a novelty. My wife kept referring to it as a busman's holiday, as you may have guessed, 'cause my camera did come along (although only one camera and a restriction of 3 lenses).

It's good fun shooting without the need to produce images that fulfill a brief and also spend time with my wife & friends - rather than whizzing around like a hoon as I normally do!

Anyway, here's a slideshow from their day accompanied by Eva Cassidy singing Songbird; which her step sister also sang so beautifully in the church. Anyone revisiting this post will note the change from Amy Winehouse which was previously used as it struck me in a moment of inspiration over lunch today that Eva may be even more appropriate.

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