16 Aug 2008

Sausage Rollers

Yesterday Ali & I went to a friends wedding in Barnes, London. For a change I was a guest, not the photographer (although my camera did come along). It's great to have a day off from work and watch as someone else has to arrange all the group shots and bob up and down at all the right moments in order to catch those fleeting memories. Thankfully for Alec & Victoria the day was a super one, with some fine British weather - which wasn't the case for my weddings earlier in the week. Anyway, I'll perhaps include a few snaps later of their wedding as my reason for this post was to pop these couple of cute shots of Daisy up.

Friday morning Ali had these rollers in her hair ready for the wedding we were off to. Daisy took a keen interest in these, and strangely called them Sausage Rollers (not Sticky Rollers). Here they are in the morning doing 'girly stuff' - make-up, hair & nails. You can see why I'm so knowledgeable when it comes to brides preps.... living with two girls does help!

Then today, when I surfaced a little later than usual, I found Daisy rather proudly sporting the Sausage Roller look. She has absolutely no idea what they're for, but really found them quite fun.

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