29 Sep 2008

Wedding Photography - What to ask your photographer?

As part of a new series of useful information for brides planning their wedding day, I'm writing topics to fit the heading of 'Wedding Information' (which you can see in the categories tab on the Right Hand Side of the main page).

They will be varied (and no doubt a little random) but hopefully build a good resource pool for couples to use as a checklist when planning a wedding. I appreciate magazines 'offer' this advice, but the 21 year old editor who writes the articles probably cares little about an actual wedding, has been to very few weddings (if any) and certainly doesn't see the whole process from start to finish. That's apparently my qualification for writing this! LOL. (It's certainly not my handle of grammar & English language, so bear with me on that part).

This first post was inspired by another site where I read these comments and knew they echoed my own thoughts, which would certainly be of use to any bride (and groom for that matter) who are looking to book a photographer.

Often when I meet with a couple they tell me " I'm not too sure what to ask! You're the first photographer we've talked to."

Here are 5 P's that will help you select the right photographer.

1. Photography - Do you like the photographer's style, range, quality, experience, etc?
2. Personality - It's gonna be a long day unless we're a good fit...
3. Professionalism - Does the photographer have a good grasp of contracts, punctuality, communication, etc.
4. Products - Does the photographer offer the albums, prints, negatives, online proofing, etc that you are seeking?
5. Pricing - Is it in the budget? If not, can we shift our priorities to fit it in the budget?

I say to all my couples (and truly believe this) they need to find the right photographer for them and this is a great evaluation tool. A meeting is also a two way process, you're 'vetting' me and I'm finding out about you guys. I'm looking for a couple who want my style, fit with my personality, appreciate professionalism, want the products I offer, and (of course) can afford my prices.

My aim is to clearly communicate what I offer and ensure this fits with your requirements. Simple.

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