23 Sep 2008

Where does my web traffic come from?

Without getting tecchie (as I don't really understand myself) but I get this little source of info which shows where my blog gets hits from. By hits I mean stuff like your IP address, search words you type into Google, popular pages you view and this sweet little feature called a 'Recent Visitor Map'.

It only really entertains me for a couple of minutes, but it's always fun to see where the traffic comes from. This week I noticed PERU. Funnily enough one of my recent wedding couples are trekking up Matchu Picchu for their honeymoon (that'll be you then Emma & Ian). So does the Sherpa set up camp then produce an apple ibook from his rucksak with GPS card for internet access - that'd be amazing. LOL!

But who's that in New Zealand - can I come and visit please if you live there?

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