19 Nov 2008

Great Tythe Barn Wedding Photos - Matt and Ann

Matt & Ann - 7th Nov 2008

Wowzers, it seems a while since I last posted some wedding photos, so here to end the drought are a super selection from Matt & Annes November wedding at the Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury. I hung out late to catch the evening activities/flirt with the single ladies :-) and had such a good time which I hope is reflected in the photos.

Ohh, for any single men out there (of which I'm not one!) I chatted to this lovely lady below (I think her name was Natalie - but correct me if I'm wrong) who's single and looking for a Daniel Craig look-a-like living in London.

Right, that's the word out for a hot guy, now onto more important things with a few images from Matt & Anne's wedding plus a slideshow at the end.

St Marys Church, Tetbury is awesome. The scale is fantastic......but......better than all of this was the fact the vicar let me take photos where ever I wanted during the ceremony - big it up.

I just had these few words beamed across from Anne so have included them on this post. It's interesting for me to hear behind the scenes comments and really pleasing to see their friends had such a fab day and enjoyed viewing the photos too.

"They are some of the best wedding photos i have ever seen! Well done you two and well done to the photographer!" - Samantha Adam

"Hello hello! AMAZING pictures.... OMG!!! How good was the photographer... he captured so much emotion from the day, very rare! How impressive - you gotta be happy with that! WOW WOW WOW" - Zoe Walters

"Brilliant- it brought a tear to my eye. They are GREAT pictures" - Katharine Deamer


  1. Hi Matt,
    We resisted looking at your blog until Matt & Ann had seen them, but well worth the wait. We have reviewed the blog which is superb and will be looking at the photos with Matt & Ann this weekend.
    Congratulations on a brilliant set of photos!
    Best Regards
    Martin & Mary

  2. Hi Matt, ace pictures. I had a tear in my eye and they really brought the day back and what a day! You are as good at flirting as you are at photography! Kath (bridesmaid)


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