26 Dec 2008

Christmas of course

A fairly self explanatory post this one....it's Christmas!!!!! Yeah! So what did we all have?? Mummy had a watch, Daddy had some clothes & Daisy had a high chair for her baby - not the real one which is due soon, but Molly Dolly. Grandma bought her a fab little dolls house which she's enjoyed playing with too. It appears we’ve reached the age now where Christmas is definitely less about me & Ali, and more about Daisy. Thankfully she’d been a good ‘enough’ girl that father Christmas did pay a visit, delivering some fine ear muffs, chocolate lollipop, fuzzy felts and much more.

Happy Christmas everyone…..

Dino (as we've named him) was a present from Ali's work. Each year they buy gifts for all the employees children - which I must say is really rather considerate. Big Up Spirax! On the down side, Dino is not just a cuddly toy, he makes noise too.........and not just a 30 second blast, ohh no, it goes on forever!!! AAarrrrrrrgh.

This cheeky item above was the present for Daisy that I was most excited about. The 'piggy' shower cap. She'd put it on ready for a shower, whilst still wearing her vest (bless, she's more impatient than me!) and had to show mummy. Note: it's also on back to front - but hey, who cares when you're two - it's the wearing it that counts.

We soon hit the shower for a test session and reports are that it performs very well. One clean Daisy but with dry hair. Super.

Umm better eat this I guess, seeing as it's chocolate.

Quick chat to Grandma to wish her Happy Christmas......... then more food. Note the very cute alice band she's sporting - another stocking present from Father Christmas - wow he's got good taste.

Ah ha, the bunnie mask - yeah....ummm? So you'd think this would be a great present right? Wrong. It's shall we say, decidedly average - not exactly Daisy's favourite. This is possibly the only time she wore it.

On to bigger and better things at Grandmas house. Now that's a proper present size.

Jim clearly enjoying Daisy's toys more than she was!

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