1 Jun 2009

Just the Davis'

It's a post about little more than my sweet family. A, D & B. It's been great weather recently so we've been out and about, enjoying lunch with Grandad, having days out with Grandma, Grampy & Autie Hilary, and a few BBQ's for good measure.

There was one moment recently that couldn't get recorded on camera, but was a true classic from Daisy. Earlier in the day we'd been out and when I returned home the old lady from up the road was out front. I took Daisy and Barney up to say hello and check her health - seeing as she's 80 odd!!! Anyway, Daisy had some strange phobia of the old lady, and went all shy turning her back on her. Strange I thought, as Daisy is usually very much the chatter box who can't stop herself when it comes to talking to strangers.

Anyhow, later during dinner we asked her what the problem was with seeing the old lady.
Ali: "were you scared?"
Daisy: "no"
Ali: "so what was the problem?"
Daisy: "the lady had got a moustache"

How funny....we all craked up laughing. Best of all she must have spotted this from 15ft away as she barely got closer than that!

Dasiy had a busy day with Grandma at the 'tall ships'. Although she didn't really like the tall ships, but face painting went down a treat instead. Whilst she was out I filled the paddling pool ready for an evening cool off. Daisy chose to take a dip, then re-dress as seen above. Classic. Gotta be one for the family album!



Ice cream, a big climb, then woosh straight down. She wasn't expecting the wind though - close your legs young lady!


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