1 Feb 2010

Florence And The Machine

I've had an enjoyable afternoon hanging out with Daisy today - no pictures to show, but instead I have a snippet of conversation, that was simply brilliant.

At three Daisy appears to have her life planned out pretty early (I guess that's a genetic trait I passed down). Anyhow, we were discussing her future where apparently she'll be having baby twins and a dog.

I asked Daisy: "Will the twins be boys or girls"

Daisy: "girls....and a girl dog too"

Me: "ohh what will they be called, have you got a name yet"

Daisy: "Yep, Florence"

Me: "Ohh that's a nice name, what about the other twin?"

Daisy: "machine"

For anyone who's been living in a cave this may help explain.

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