26 Jul 2010


GLAMPING - Glamorous Camping.  

The next level of upmarket camping!  Think double beds, sheep skin rugs and wood burning stoves.  This my friends is what Ali thinks camping should be.  

I however would consider a hammock in a tree or perhaps a bivouac more appropriate. In fact I once slept under a bush on the beech in Fuerteventura (surf trips are sooooo over rated!).

So to compromise, the Davis' have taken middle ground and pretty much bought a home from home, in the form of the Vango Icarus 600 (ohh yeah!).  But with carpet, a fridge and electricity...... surely, that's not camping?


As if sleeping and 'general' space wasn't sufficient, we decided to extend too!   I should add, this isn't  a campsite either (we're yet to pop our new tents camping cherry), this is in fact my Mum & Dads garden!


The kids thought the new tent was great fun, but found equal amounts of delight in the cardboard boxes it came in!  Note: Daisy has the LARGE box.....and no that's not marker pen on her face, it's a butterfly don't you know!



Whilst with camera in hand and blog posts to make I also thought I'd include a couple of snaps of our cats.  Freddie (above) is the household water pest.  Give a cat a bowl of water and they have no interest.....but pop your glass down on the side and within seconds you'll have Freddies head stuck in it!

Below is Meg.  She's the one you'll no doubt have met if you've been to Davis HQ.  Always noted for her stunning green eyes, perpetual meowing and friendly nature.  Sadly though she's a little ill (having been diagnosed with cancer) so I've officially become 'pet photographer extraordinaire' and been making loads more effort to hang out with her whilst she's still with us.  Even as a photographer you sometimes forget the importance put on a photo!


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