31 Aug 2010

Gloucestershire Wedding Photography - Kingscote Barn

Robin and Audry - Kingscote Barn - 17th Aug 2010

With a busy schedule and bags to pack for a wedding in Ibiza shortly, this post from Robin and Audry's wedding at Kingscote Barn is gonna be pictures only!  Ahhh...no waffle, I know, how will you manage without, well......

...ohh I give up, just a few bits of waffle!

Bridal preps started at a house in Tetbury.  It was rented and all I can say is, decorated very stylishly!  Good work.

The wedding flowers were provided by flowercube, and let me tell you....there were A LOT of flowers!

Kingscote Barn inside ready for the wedding ceremony - I said there were a lot of flowers huh?

We went for a quick spin in the wedding car - this meant two things (1) Robin could check his very detailed wedding schedule and see that we were on track, and (2) I could take some pretty wedding photos!

Strange connect 4 counter that one huh?

Guests tell the jokes, I take the pictures.

This was one seriously long best mans speech....or was that Robins timetable of events for the day?

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