22 Jan 2011

Barnaby's second birthday

Barney reached the grand old age of two today and with a birthday so close to Christmas it's was hard to decide what to buy him (or at least what he 'needs').

He had a few toys, some money (which he has a surprising understanding of, for a two year old), clothes  and a scooter from Ali & me.

Barney fully kitted out - this whole outfit was for his birthday.....right down to his vest & socks!

Ali made this fantastic train cake.  Jam dodgers are one of Barney's favourite biscuits and he was keen to tuck into the carriages when he saw them.

So much 'puff' they blew the tree over.

After cake Daisy whisked barney off to play 'dressing up'.  Needless to say he has no idea what's going on!

The juxtaposition of a fairy outfit and digger.

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