27 May 2011

Wedding Photographer Worcestershire

Rich and Carries wedding in Worcestershire - that's got a nice ring to it :-)

I'm not sure why, but I don't often find myself in the county of Worcestershire for weddings - am I 'The Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer'?  Who knows....maybe there aren't many wedding venues in Worcestershire....ahh yeah, that'll be it, and also the reason behind Rich & Carrie having a Marquee reception in their parents garden!

I have to say, if you are thinking of having a country wedding this one fits the bill perfectly.  A beautiful home for the bridal preps, a 5 min walk to the church, (an extra 2 mins if you go via the pub), then stroll back after the wedding ceremony to the marquee reception in the garden - PERFECT.

- Wedding | Richard & Carrie | Church | St Egwins -

If you can't scene set a wedding in just one photo, four will typically cover it.

St Egwings Church, Norton, Worcestershire.  This church was in a lovely setting and a fairly decent size inside too - considering Rich and Carrie had around 100 wedding guests.

Carrie and the bridesmaids were ready very early so had plenty of time to relax before the wedding to enjoy a glass of champagne.

This wedding marquee was possibly one of the nicest I've come across.  Beautifully decorated, the perfect size, carpeted and finished off with a chandelier.  

The wedding details had a lavender theme.  This was carried over into Carries bouquet, posies for the church pew ends, the wedding cup cakes and also table settings.

Whilst the girls were drinking champagne at home, the boys were at the local pub for a swift pint before the wedding.  Transportation was provided by way of a pimped out wedding Camper Van....as to why they needed this to travel 250 yards I'm not quite sure :-)

Limited photography was allowed on this occasion (booo) but I snapped a couple of discrete shots during the ceremony.  I love this one above, not only for the grooms expression, but also the guy looking on in the pew behind.

Click the LINK (on the left hand side) to READ MORE from this wedding.

You can see the lavender in the wedding bouquet here....ohh yeah and a nice photo of the 'back of the dress'!

Gran.  I think she was something amazing like 99 years old - now that's a proper 'vintage' wedding photo! How cool are the gloves she's wearing too?

If I had a garden like that (and a fantastic house for that matter) I'd be hosting wedding receptions at home too!

And here we have todays group shot(s).

Had I mentioned the groom looked like Nicholas Cage - well? What d'ya reckon?

Ohh two group shots on my blog today.

The marquee was split into two, with the dance floor screened off during the wedding breakfast.   One end had high ceilings and chandeliers, the other black cloth and star effect - lovely, but almost impossible to take photos in!  

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  1. All the pictures are really beautiful. i am love in the art of photography. Thanks for the post.


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