23 Sep 2011

Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire - Teepee wedding

I'd not been to the village of Ripple in Gloucestershire before and what a quint place it is. Nick & Jenny had their Wedding ceremony at the Church there, then went on to Jenny's parent's home for a garden reception with a difference.  Not a typical marquee, but teepees!  Not just one or two details but a plethora of colour and artistic styles.

The only thing that could let the day down was the weather.......and the forecast wasn't exactly 28 degrees with blue skies (it was mid September after all).  Amazingly though, despite the potential of rain the day wasn't hindered in the slightest, it stayed bright for literally the whole day and the wedding couldn't have been better (what do weather forecasters know anyway?).

Anyhow, here are a few photos from the day, with more over on my FB page.

So I came home from this wedding and said to my wife - "we need to keep some old baked bean cans and put flowers in them".  How good do these look?

'Trouble' the cat.  How cute is he/she?

Wedding details (flowers) and a wedding itinerary.

Jenny is just one of those beautiful people in life.  I love this expression.

A quick bite of banana before heading downstairs to greet the awaiting crowd!

I love it when friends from the local village parish come along to weddings.

If only the Vicar had been standing next to me and not in the way.  Still not a bad shot ;-)

What a fantastic spot for the drinks reception.  In amongst this garden woodland, with the fabulous sail shades providing a sense of cover.

Jenny has a very creative touch and made her own wedding details in many vibrant colours.  

This wedding band were brilliant.  They really suited the atmosphere of Jenny & Nick's country wedding.  Look them up if you're after a Gypsy Jazz Band.  (www.parisswingquartet.co.uk)

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Teepees certainly have a rustic charm about them and suited Jenny's DIY wedding really well.  They are however REALLY dark to take photos in....despite the chandelier!

Jenny had painted the shed doors with this enormous pink heart - it was only logical to include it in a photo :-)  Sometimes there is a very good reason for a photo not being black and white too!

A tropical rain storm with wedding speeches in a teepee doesn't make it very easy to hear?    No sooner had it started though, it was over - phew!

It's fair to say the best mans jokes were pretty bad!

How very thrifty, make your own skipping rope from wedding napkin ties?

The wedding teepees at night looked amazing, with lighting running through the woodland to the teepee entrance.  A magical wedding setting if ever there was one.

If you're looking for a Wedding Photographer in Gloucestershire please get in touch.  Either via my website or call me on 01242 230082

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  1. Brilliant photography. You really captured the mood and the spirit of the wedding.


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