10 Oct 2011

Gloucestershire Wedding photos Manor House Hotel

On the hottest weekend ever in October my Gloucestershire wedding was at Manor House Hotel, Moreton-In-Marsh.  It was set to be a scorcher with temperatures of 28 degrees....and yes that is most probably warmer than any of the summer days we witnessed this year!

Russell and Grace wanted relaxed documentary wedding photos, very few groups and only a splash of the posed couple stuff.  A simple brief for me as I'm more than happy shooting weddings like.....but when you see the last shot in this post, you'll appreciate why just one or two couple shots are a must have.....especially when we get fantastic autumnal light.

The random arm of Sophie Everet (make-up-lady www.sophieeverett.com) doing her thing to beautify before the ceremony.  And a random fact for you: having photographed weddings professionally now for 7 years, I've not once bumped into Sophie before now.  Until this weekend, last weekend and the weekend just gone.  So, what I will say is....anyone looking for a great make up artist for their wedding, drop Sophie a line as she's fab to have around, does a great job and is clearly in demand!

At this point I'd like you all to note Grace's 'vintage hair band'.  And by vintage I don't mean a digital photo overworked in Photoshop to create an old look.....but proper vintage wedding stuff.  I'll explain more later about that and it's significance.

Proud parents.  Both very lovely I may add....if not a little hot, hey dad?

Why do I like this?  Well... I love picking up on the subtle details and seeing Russell's hand on Grace's wedding dress to offer a little touch of reassurance is very sweet.  

Great faces by mum & dad, brilliant to see some tears from the bridesmaid - BUT HANG ON.........who's more interested in the wedding flowers?  :-)

OUtside in the gardens of Manor House Hotel for the wedding drinks reception......with everyone  noticeably clinging to the shade for a little bit of cool. 

Great idea for a table seating plan.  Simple, effective and unique.  I like it! A great personal touch.

Okay, so back to Grace's wedding hair band (and also her veil).  Well, check out the lady on the RHS here?  Gran.  Now if you're like me you'd be thinking "wow.....she dresses cool for a Gran"....which is exactly what I said to her.  At which point, I then found out, Grace's vintage veil and hair band were from her Gran who wore them on her wedding day.  How fabulous is that?

Yep.....it was a hot day and for anyone who's done a wedding speech you'll know the experience can make you sweat a bit! 

Ahhhh :-)

This is possibly one of my favourite photos from the wedding day.  Why....Well, I just like the framing.  Clearly speeches are going on (the best man) and you get all the context of this plus the bride, groom and a while load more.

Table seven found something funny.

Lastly a beautiful wedding portrait taken in the gardens at Manor House Hotel. 

For other Manor House Hotel weddings, please see my new website.

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