24 Nov 2011

Family portraits in the park, Cheltenham

I find myself taking more family portraits at this time of year once weddings quieten down a little.  I'm sure we do stuff in the summer months, but never find the time to post pics then!  Last week we were out in the park with my trusty 5D2 and a 50mm lens.....such a sweet combo for a few simple family portraits whilst out and about with the kids and not wanting to lug around much gear.

There is a good reason why Barney is wearing a helmet......and it's not in case he falls off this climbing/swing 'thing'!

One happy boy on his balance bike.  What a great idea these are. Forget learning with stabilisers anymore, just learn to balance first, then add pedals later.

Puddles....why wouldn't you wanna jump in it?

Dark at about 4:30 - yuck.  Handy for this shot though.  

If you're looking for a few family portraits in Cheltenham, give me a call.

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