9 Jul 2007

Best wedding photographer in Cheltenham !!!

Another day in the world of Matt Davis revealed someone had searched Google, with the following key words.... "best wedding photographer in Cheltenham" and happened upon my site. I regularly see searches for my site with key words such as "Matt Davis Photography", or "Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire", but this one made me laugh. It made me realise, am I including the correct search words in my site and more importantly, could this be considered an award for photographic excellence & acheivement?

So to find out, I had to do the search myself - hey presto, there I am, page one of Google. Wahoooo!

HOWEVER......, to consider this a fair test I decided it was only reasonable to search "worst wedding photographer in Cheltenham". I nervously hit search, wiping sweat from my brow as I flicked the multiple pages of google, thankfully not to find my site listed. Wahoo (again)!

I therefore MUST be the best wedding photographer in Cheltenham and this afternoon
, with the help of Daisy, we made this trophy to celebrate. Here's Daisy prersenting the award.

I'm now off to improve my skills, as this title clearly needs to be maintained.

Anyone with a 1yr old child or anyone who simply wishes to make themselves a trophy, here's the kit Daisy and I used, followed by 'how to' pics.

1 x Empty toilet roll
1 x Empty squash bottle
1 x Old flower pot
2 x Empty milk carton (4 pint ones are best - we had a 4 pint & six pint, hence the odd handles!)
Short length of ribbon (left over from something your wife probably wrapped up nicely once)
Parcel or masking tape
White sticky labels
Silver tape (now this was the special bit I
just happened to have!) - Tin Foil may suffice.
Tool Kit - Scissors, black marker pen

Heres how we made it....

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