30 Jul 2007

Elliott & Krista's Wedding - 28th July '07 - Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire

I'd been looking forward to this wedding after visiting the venue earlier this year. Birtsmorton Court is the perfect wedding venue with it's 15 century heritage and extensive gardens. With so many photographic opportunities I was in my element.

Elliot & Krista are a superb couple and let me do my thing; capturing the many moments as they occurred. Here are a few favourites, although even I struggled to reduce this down from my initial fav list of 40+!


So the BAGS! I wondered what an earth they were too....... well, apparently they keep the curls up - and did they work, indeed. Any (small) carrier bag will do, but the best size was the nappy bag - as seen modeled on the left here!

Final adjustments with the clock ticking - only 20 mins late!

The guy above seemed to be everywhere I pointed my camera. Really expressive and clearly the guest everyone would want at a party. I hope Krista & Elliot like him - he's probably in 50% of the photos!

Lost in the maze..... or is it just newly wed fuzzy love.

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