29 Aug 2007

Cake World

Having been editing wedding photos all day yesterday and today, I realised just how many photos of cakes I take. This gave me two reasons to blog about them.

1) To rant a little about how venues often put your beautiful cake in some dingy corner of the reception, which makes it a challenge to take a great photo ..... (rant over).

2) To give you brides some ideas about what's hot & what's not in cake world.

Here are a few shots from weddings earlier this year, most pre-cutting!


(Above) is a pretty impressive cake I must say. Very stylish and more than a generous slice for each guest!

Above is indeed a 'cheese cake'.

Now I had a slice of this one (above) and it was super good. Any bride wishing to please their photographer should offer them a slice of fine cake - it's the way to a man's heart!

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