5 Aug 2007

John & Lucy's Wedding - 20th July '07 - Slad Church / Chavenage House, Tetbury

Crikey....... what a wet day. Rain..... this wasn't just rain, this was a flood phenomenon in the making! Still it didn't dampen my spirits, but it did make my shoes and socks bloody wet! err! (luckily I had packed a spare pair - now that's forward planning!)

Despite a lot of rain this was still a great wedding, everyone (see above 'umberella' post) overcame the obvious difficulties and the day was topped off with exceptionally funny speeches.


Lucy's beautiful younger sister (above) and equally beautiful 'older' grandma (below)!

Rain, what rain... we're inside taking photos instead!

As a few of you know, I love taking speech photos, and being there to photograph these was a pure pleasure. The best man was brilliant, if not very close to the bone with a few comments! If anyone is ever in need of a good public speaker - he's your man!

Sweet huh?

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