4 Nov 2007

Leckhampton Hill - In search of supersize leaves.

Me, B & Daisy enjoyed a beautiful walk across Lekhampton Hill today, kicking leaves & enjoying the sunshine. I love this specific track around the bottom of the hill, the light is always great through here giving it a mystical quality. What a fab place to have just on my doorstep.


Daisy loved this carrier, but when I stopped, she gave me a quick dig with her heals to 'move on'!

Bimpy clearly had caffeine this morning and enough energy for star jumps.... or was it that she wasn't carrying Daisy?

Check out this whoppa leaf mummy found for Daisy - wahoooo!

The day ended with a fancy dress party at some friends. Daisy dressed as a mummy, well, make that, we dressed Daisy as a mummy! She likes toilet roll so this must have been the best outfit ever. Bunny as usual enjoying a day out too!

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