7 Nov 2007

Neil, Nia & Josh - Portrait Session 2nd Nov '07

Neil & Nia contacted me having seen and liked a selection of my photos around at my sisters house (thank you sis... the agreed commission is on it's way - ha). We planned a date and it couldn't have been better - a superb autumnal afternoon, with vibrant colour & great light.

Here are a few of my favourites from our session.

If anyone is interested in a portrait session I charge a small sitting fee of £45, come to you for added convenience and leave you to select the prints you want - Neil & Nia have 90 to choose from with a wide variety of shots.


Nia is a musician and is clearly starting Joshua early too.

he he... this is cute. It must have been a short break between eating leaves, or is he hiding some in his hands?

Apparently this is my wifes fav. She'd like a shot like this of our little family I reckon. (It's just so hard to take 'em and be in 'em!)

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