5 Mar 2008

Little miss sassy & the strange cat

Monday is Daisy day for me and it appeared little miss sassy had some ideas of her own on how to spend it. Just seconds after Ali left for work, Daisy discovered these sun glassless and teamed them up with the scarf & handbag. Now tell me.... how does a girl learn these things at such a young age? Is taste for nice shoes & handbags passed on genetically? This could be the answer. Her concept of wearing the glasses the right way up clearly went out the window though......mind you, they did stay on better this way as I later found out, so perhaps she already knew something I didn't.

So we had some fun pottering around the house fully togged up before it was soon discarded for something else of equivalent interest to a 1 year old - like a wooden spoon, or empty cereal box (kids are like bees to honey with such treasure).

Anyway, the day rolled on, but now my cat was acting oddly? Here he is in the shower. Yes, you may ask, "why in the shower?" Well, to cut a long story short, Freddie doesn't like to drink water from his cat bowl.. ohh no, that'd be too simple. For some reason he prefers the kitchen sink or tap, any glass of unguarded water, or yes..... you guessed, the shower tray!

He's also taken to finding inventive places to sleep for the day, typically a spot where no one will discover him and therefore disrupt his 16 hours beauty sleep. This is the latest find; namely Daisy's dirty linen basket. Such a cosy spot and very private once the lid closes back down when you're in - amazing.

Note the discarded glasses & scarf now!

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