29 May 2008

Shaun & Paula's Wedding - 25th May 2008 - Cadbury House, Congresbury

I first met Shaun & Paula what seems like ages ago and have had their wedding in my diary ever since. They'd seen some photos I'd taken at a friends wedding and we're more than happy for me to shoot an informal style for their day. Wahoo! In fact I'll be blogging about their shot list later which was a hand written 'Postit' note - perfect.

Despite a damp start, requiring a small change to the outdoor plans, the day ran really smoothly. Cadbury House is a fantastic contemporary venue with this old exterior bolted to the new. Inside has been well designed with sleek flock wallpaper, vibrant colours & cool art around the place.

Shaun and Paula have also chosen a coffee table book for their photos which I hope to have some sample pages up from soon. However, in the interim here are a few of my favs.....and yeah as usual it's the couple portraits that win me over!

Socute. Paula's daughter was great on the day...well as a three year old can be. She certainly caused a stir during the ceremony with some very vocal moments!

This photo above is simply delicious. The light is amazing rim lighting the essential details and highlighting the glass of wine beautifully.

OK. So the entrance shot. Now this wasn't simple. With the video guy one side of the room, already in position, I was left with only one option (this view). Not only did the isle have a great big pillar in the way, but the bridesmaids also chose to stop right in front of me, completely blocking my view.....argh! Thankfully I just squeezed this shot through the gap before Paula made it to the front.

As Paula & Shaun were having a coffee table book, I differ my approach to shooting the day slightly and tailor it more to suit that style. This usually means shooting a few more sequential photos as they work well in series in the book. Here is a sweet example and WOW, hasn't Paula got great eyes.

I'm just loving this lift shot. I'm always keen to use new surroundings in a session and Cadbury House provided the perfect inside canvas for a few cool shots.

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