26 May 2008

Two One Five 'a'

I've been quiet on the personal posts lately, just too much happening and so little time to post! What with plenty of weddings to shoot, more DIY around the house, some new purchases and holiday fast approaching, we've also made a change to our garden to accommodate Daisy's growing needs.

It's only fair for Daisy to have her own space around the house, seeing as I have mine (the shed), so it was time to construct Daisy a little pimped out pad on stilts.  After a few days clearing the garden and some evenings of construction we'd assembled & integrated this sweet playhouse into our bamboo jungle.   All that was left was to test run the facilities..... cue Suzy and Ali!

The next day Daisy got her chance to test it out....and as the sun was shining an ice cream or 'Rice cream' as it was (since Daisy has a Dairy allergy), was the perfect accompaniment.

The next phase I believe is to fill this space with lots of toddler toys - ohh yeah and gingham curtains........ so my wife tells me.

"yeah, dah dah dah.... got the hang of this sliding business - now let's make it a little more interesting"

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