26 Jun 2008

Three in the bed and Daisy said......

Earlier this week we had a few days down in East Creech, Dorset camping. This isn't typically something that excites my wife, although she is coming round to the idea........assuming the site has "good facilities" and it doesn't rain. Thankfully we ticked both these boxes with a super little campsite and some dream weather.

Sweet..... the campsite had a a couple of small lakes (or perhaps large ponds) so Adrian brought along his fishing rod. I'd not dabbled with fishing since being a kid and it was great fun I must say. I reeled in a big one - yeah, that's it below...... at least 10 inches!

Yeah, sleeping in a tent when you're two! More like staying awake in a tent for as long as possible until you have exhausted all the possible interests. Two hours to get to sleep was Daisy's average each evening.

It may be summer, but it was certainly a little chilly at night - Ali was glad she brought her ski jacket.... and my hoodie..... and another three layers I expect!

1 comment:

  1. Great photos Matt! No mention of the monster that I caught though!!???


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