27 Jun 2008

Michael & Gillians wedding - The Greenway, Cheltenham - 21st June '08

It was the longest day of summer, but alas not a scorcher (mind you it was fine for a wedding!). Thankfully the rain was fended off by some miracle of god as The Greenway appeared to be in it's own micro climate amongst the storm rain that surrounded Gloucestershire.

The Greenway is pretty much the most local venue you can get to my home, with a commute of barely 5 minutes door to door - wahoo. It's amazing I've not photographed more weddings there before, still, here's hoping to the future as it's a fab venue as everyone was well catered for, even me with steak and chips. So thanks to the chef at The Greenway for preparing that delight.

I took so many photos this day it's hard to pick just a few for the blog but here's a mere snippet of what the day had to offer.

You wouldn't think it was possible to catch the short burst of someone else's flash in a photo but this proves it can happen - more luck than judgment hey!

These two kids were having a great game of soldiers in the gardens at the Greenway. Open space and kids is always a winning formula.

These are two of my favourite portrait shots from the day. There were many more but the light, expressions and composition on these just has it!

Speeches were great...... short, but good quality.

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