1 Jul 2008

Andy & Clare's wedding - Duntisbourne Abbots - 28th June '08

I hit the village of Duntisbourne Abbots last weekend, at what a pretty village it was too. Andy & Clare had a very welcoming family & I enjoyed my day strolling (well a quick walk most of the time) around the village taking photos of this sweet little wedding..... actually it was quite a big wedding as you'll see from the size of the marquee.

A few favs as usual (I really must find out how to pop up a slide show - that'd be far easier!)

It was almost impossible to get six people in one photo in a small room, but amazingly this does represent the bridal party in a 1'er - wahoo.

Andy arrived a cool 15 mins before the ceremony was about to start. It's not often I see such a late groom - good work, you've earned the title of 'Latest Groom'.

To quote the vicars words "For those who can't see at the back, Reese is playing a blinder down here at the front" - Classic. How many vicars are as good as this guy?

Why not have a few stag & hen doo photos out on display?

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