23 Jul 2008

Wedding equipment - Ohhh oh oh.... a new lens, exciting (Caution - tecchie post!)

Most years I set aside some money in my business to buy new equipment, which typically comprises computer stuff or camera stuff - that is to be expected of a digital photographer right?

Earlier this year I went wild and splashed out on a uber slick 24" imac, which is the perfect piece of kit for any design based business. Then today I parted with my hard earned cash again in return for a sweet new lens and a third camera body. Three cameras I hear you ask? (yeah, one to shoot with, one as a back-up and one to send off for servicing... there you have it!)

For anyone wishing to know, my new lens investment is this peachy EF 85mm f1.2L II USM (that's the tecchie bit)

So what you ask? This means nothing to us? Well..... you'll be on the receiving end of this puppy soon no doubt, as when it comes to portraits this IS the daddy. It can also shoot in super low light situations so becomes the perfect partner for all my upcoming December weddings. There you have it - that's my tecchie talk over with. Anyone wishing to know a little more can visit here to see what Canon have to say about it.... but it will be way to boring for the average punter so be warned!

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