18 Sep 2008

Baby #2 - wahooo.

It's not a big belly, it's a baby. Daisy's gonna have a little brother or sister and she's already started chatting to the baby. Mind you she can't stop talking so it's to be expected.

Ali is now 20 weeks pregnant so we're due an addition to the family in late Jan 09 - exciting huh. Or should that be 'daunting'? It's easy to forget just how hard it is to have a baby that requires 24/7 attention. At least with Daisy we get some relief with Cbeebies...when she doesn't want to be painting. Yes, Daisy's favourite past time.

Daisy interprets painting somewhat differently to other children, as she doesn't appear to need paper. The last session we had involved painting her hands, her feet, then of course Daddies feet! Having spoken to Daisy tonight we're apparently doing more of the same tomorrow :-)


  1. Congratulations Matt and Ali on the future addition to the family

    Kelly & David


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