31 Oct 2008

Daisy and the ducks

With baby number two on the way, my wife needs her rest......which usually means entertaining Daisy whilst Ali has a lie down. Yesterday afternoon Daisy & I got out from under Ali's feet and hit the park for an hour. (Rain soon stopped play....well and low light - what's this dark at 6pm business all about!?)

At this point I was happy that Daisy was unlikely to fall in, as she was at least being 'reasonably' careful for a two year old. She did however soon adopt a revised two handed bread throwing technique; much faster at reducing the bread from her bag (which appears to be the objective of this duck feeding exercise). I wasn't so keen on the new approach as it meant over balancing was far more likely - a short tug on the back of her coat thankfully prevented a dip, after which point I decided we'd move on to safer pursuits (well safer when I'm trying to take photos at the same time at least!)

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