1 Nov 2008

Gloucestershire Portrait Photographer

The Smith's - 31st Oct 2008

Sonia contacted me after having seen one of my photos on a friends desk at work (...I think) which is always a good start when someone's looking to book a portrait session. No sooner had we spoken a date was set and whoopa - off we went on a photo mission.

Despite it being very late Oct we thankfully hit some warm evening sun (well warm in colour, not so much in temperature!) and got some cracking shots. Here are a few of my favourites from the billions I took.


A safe family shot to get to know everyone - always a good bet before I go climbing trees.

Ahh.... the vantage point from up a tree. Brilliant.

OK, so you're all thinking "wow Matt, you got to photograph that girl from Heroes....Hayden Panettiere - big you up" - yeah.....that's what I thought. Doesn't she look similar! It actually wasn't until I got home and looked at the photos that I kinda noticed a resemblance. Not actually watching Heroes (since the first eposide series 1) meant I did have to check on Google first , but I was right - she does look similar. For those of you who have no idea who the Heroes character I'm talking about is, here's a pic curtsy of the internet. Best of all the image was titled 'Hot Hayden' - brilliant :-)

I'm digging these two shots (above & below). We had some great light beaming around late afternoon which lit the leaves up lovely. The b&w shot is quite a departure from what most people consider a portrait, but I love the scale yet simplicity of it.

Hayden from Heroes again. Damn that light was sooooooooooo sweet. I gave this photo only the lightest of tweaks in Photoshop with 'golden hour' producing the rest straight out of camera. Dang it's hot.


Dude, liking it.

I really rather liked this portrait photo above. Just a quick grab shot as I walked past, yet so simple in composition.

Ohhhh.... off camera lighting (again), GET IN....work that sky.

Well I hope you enjoy these, I'm off now to start up a look-a-like agency.

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